“It’s not about purely wondering if God is going to withhold mercy. Of course He won’t, and of course individual’s desire for anointing of the sick in this pandemic is enough. The problem people aren’t seeing, but I have because I’m a nurse, is people doubting, questioning their faith and having a crises of faith amidst longing for their family and being scared to death to die without the comfort of this last rite, as well as their last confession. MANY amazing saints dealt with the temptation of despair and doubting the existence of heaven/hell on their deathbed.

Can you imagine being a typical person and facing this in isolation? This is a real crisis! And yes I am totally aware of the shortage of PPE’s, and now shortage of healthcare staff because myself and others at my work are sick. A priest designated to the area of hospitals or facilities should be seen as ESSENTIAL and no, having him use PPE’s to bring comfort, psychological and spiritual healing —-which is so very important to physical healing—-is not going to cause our world more harm or shortage. Not allowing them during this time has made family members and patients question their faith—-and THAT is a big deal. These steps can most definitely be taken in ways that do not cause an infection control risk.”

– From a nurse who wished to remain anonymous